Swimming is one of the most important exercises in the world. This is a unique workout, in that it involves more of skill than commonsense. Each time you learn a new skill you conveniently improve your body fitness and health. Swimming incorporates all body parts, joints, and muscles. Swimming based on a good workout technique is associated with active work on positive floatation, productive kicking, and balanced recovery, effective use of core leverage, aligned and accelerating arm stroke, and rhythmic breathing. The best swimming workout that incorporates all these is the freestyle technique. This workout requires you to develop the conditioning along with the strength to apply solid swimming-stroke after stroke.

Freestyle stroke is the most popular: and so far the best swimming exercise. This is so since this technique is easy to master and it is the best fitness exercise. There is more than one kicking pattern in freestyle swimming. Dead arm freestyle: involves single arm freestyle with your still arm at your side, while breathing toward the still arm side in order to practice using hip rotation to breath. Fist freestyle: this is freestyle with fists, where you use your forearms to press against the water in order to develop a high elbow arm stroke. Floppy hand drill: this is a regular freestyle; however, during each recovery you are supposed to flap your hand back and forth to check for relaxation. Freestyle with dolphin: is a regular freestyle arms accompanied by a dolphin kick each time your hand strikes the water in front.

Freestyle Drills: This workout involves different drills, and this is the reason why it is the most convenient workout for body fitness. Three-Kick Switch: you need to kick on side for three kicks while, your low arm leading and the other arm at your side, and your face in the water; switch sides and arm positions. Six-Kick Switch: kick on side for six kicks while, your low arm leading and the other arm at your side and your face in water; switch sides and arm positions. This drill allows you to feel the length of stroke and alignment. Three-stroke Three-Kicks: take three regular freestyle strokes with kicking, and then kick only in the side floating positioning. Have your arm leading and the other one at your side for three extra kicks, face down in the water. This drill is significant in emphasizing the rolling action of the stroke.

The kicking pattern you choose in freestyle depends on your experiencing. The common kicking patterns include six-beat kicks, four beat kicks, and two beat kicks. These kicks are popular patterns for balancing, rudder-like or stabilizing action in the freestyle stroke. The kicking pattern you settle for depends on the strength of your kicks and the distance you will cover. The flutter kick is an undulating action that starts in the hip joints, while passing through your legs and ends with a whiplash movement of the ankles and feet. As a new swimmer, you will be inclined to initiate the kick from your knees, which will increase resistance and comprise your body position. In order to effectively learn the feel of the kick, you are urged to visualize your legs from hips to toes as long fins.

Tracking your swimming progress is a good indicator for other goals, such as body fitness and health. As your general level of fitness improves, freestyle workout will require less effort. As you increase speed and efficiency, intervals will provide you more rest and you should adjust to keep the workout challenging. Freestyle swimming is the ultimate fitness swimming workout that guarantees positive outcome in the shortest time possible.


The common sleep disturbance agents in the first trimester may include back pain and history of insomnia. In the third trimester, progesterone’s effect on smooth muscle is known to cause a pregnant woman to start experiencing urinary frequency in the first trimester, before even the uterus starts pressing on the bladder. The discomfort along with the resultant sleeping disturbance is attributed to the large uterus pressing on the bladder to reduce capacity and increase urinary frequency in the third trimester. High frequency urinary constantly disturbs sleep as the woman seeks to empty the bladder. Another associated problem that is common and should not be ignored is sleep disordered breathing.

An increased need to sleep is common in the first few weeks, after which the problem disappears. However, during the future stages of pregnancy, it might be significantly difficult to get off sleep or stay asleep, due to backache and leg cramps as the baby grows. Periodic limb movements along with sleep related breathing problems may take place or worsen during pregnancy. Anxiety about being pregnant and the upcoming motherhood may also affect sleep and may end up producing frightening dreams. You should know that your doctor will need to know whether or not the sleep problems are new and they can be linked with your pregnancy or if they are pre-existing and they are worsened by your pregnancy.

The most common reasons known for disturbed sleep rely upon the trimester. To begin with, in the first trimester, a pregnant woman would complain of nausea and vomiting, feeling uncomfortable and fatigued, and backaches. In the second trimester and in association with the third trimester, she would complain of abdominal discomfort, urinary frequency, restless legs, shortness of breath, and heartburn. Apart from physical discomfort, a pregnant woman would report emotional concerns associated with dreams about the fetus as well as anxiety over the change in lifestyle. Early on in pregnancy, pregnant women are known to become sleepier, and their night sleep may become distorted. However, as the pregnancy grows sleep becomes more fragmented.

Managing Sleep Problems during Pregnancy: You can manage your sleeping problems by: limiting your consumption of caffeine; exercising regularly for at least 20 to 30 minutes, five days a week; consuming a mug of milk or a cup of herbal tea before retiring to bed; practicing good sleep hygiene; maintaining your sleeping area at a comfortable sleeping temperature; skipping late evening snacks; not consuming large amounts of liquids within two hours of bedtime in order to avoid the rush-outs to the washroom during the night; taking your time to relax in addition to unwind before engaging your bed, such as listening to soothing music and taking a warm bath; and surrounding yourself with comforting pillows. You should know that eating and retiring to bed at the same time may keep you awake, due to the boosted metabolism. Sleeping pillows are so far the best tools for relaxation during pregnancy. All you need to do is tuck one under your belly and one between your legs when you are sleeping on your side to reduce hip and back soreness.

As much as you may not want to be affected by pregnancy sleeping problems; the bitter truth is that these are part and parcel of any pregnant woman. The many changes that prevail from the first trimester to the last one are the very causes and catalysts of sleeping problems during pregnancy. The best way to ensure that you are able to manage the problems is by adhering with above stated ways of curbing the problems. Visits to your physician are highly encouraged, especially when you are faced with a pre-existing sleeping problem.

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Yogurt Bowl: Yogurt helps to fuel your workout. It is nutritionally rich in vitamin B12, vitamin B6, riboflavin, calcium and protein, and it prevents nutritional benefits that surpass those of milk. Yogurt is linked to the term probiotics, referring to support and life. This milk product contains rich deposits of friendly bacteria that are known to boost your overall health. It contains more calcium than milk and help to maximize fat loss and lessen muscle loss. This snack is also a good source of glutamine, which is an important amino acid that will help you with fat loss. You can conveniently prepare yourself a yogurt bowl. The yogurt bowl should contain: a single cup of non-fat plain yogurt, a single diced apple, two teaspoons of chopped walnuts, and a single teaspoonful of honey.

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Vegetable Omelet: The power of the glycemic index is demonstrated through vegetable omelet. In addition to weight control, other health benefits may include improved cholesterol profiles and help reduce insulin resistance. To prepare a vegetable omelet, you need the following: two whole eggs, two egg whites, mushrooms and onions to taste, a single slice of whole grain wheat toast, and one teaspoon of all fruit preserves. Prepare an egg omelet with two whole eggs in addition to two egg whites. Mix the omelet with onions and mushrooms. When you are done, make sure to serve with a single slice of whole grain toast patted with a teaspoon of all-fruit preserves.

Nutrition Bar: Nutrition bars have a high energy density and they are good workout snacks. One of the best nutrition bars is composed of the following ingredients: one nutrition bar and half cup of cottage cheese. The procedure is simple; you need to choose a nutrition bar that consists of about two hundred calories. It should fewer than twenty five grams of sugar accompanied by a minimum of ten grams of protein. Have the nutrition bar along with the cottage cheese. This snack will provide you with the following nutrients: two grams of fiber, seven and half grams of fat, twenty six grams of carbohydrate, twenty nine grams of protein, and two hundred and eight calories.

Yam Dream: This is a strong as well as healthy workout snack. The ingredients you need include: one and half cups of yam juice; one cup of almond; half cup of packed baby spinach; a quarter cup of red chopped onion; one chunked avocado; one teaspoon of nutmeg; a quarter teaspoon of cinnamon; a quarter teaspoon of ground allspice; a quarter teaspoon of cardamom; and a quarter teaspoon of ground mace. Place the yam juice in a large bowl and let it relax until the starch settles to the end of the bowl, and it should look thick and white. Pour off the clear juice; poor the yam juice and milk in a blender. Then add the avocado, onion, and spinach, and blend until the mixture is smooth. Afterwards, add the spices and continue blending until combined, and serve.

Whole Wheat Pasta with Vegetables and Feta: To prepare this nutritional workout snack, you will need ¾ cup of whole wheat pasta; steamed vegetables; one cup of mixed; and 1/3 cup of crumbled feta cheese. To come up with the final snack, top pasta with mixed steamed vegetables along with crumbled feta cheese. The nutrition breakdown of this snack includes: seven and half grams of fiber, eleven grams of fat, thirty seven grams of carbohydrate, and seventeen grams of protein. Make sure to accompany most of these snacks with at least ten ounces of water, two hours before exercise. This will help you offset sweat loss during workout. The two hours will give your kidneys time to get rid of any excess fluids.


Yoga will have an effect on your body, mind and soul. It will address somatic along with emotional disorders that emerge from stress as well as poor posture. Yoga helps alleviate recurring backache problems along with tension headaches and tight muscles. Ideally, when you practice yoga, your connection between physical body and spiritual condition becomes obvious. This exercising technique can become an antidote to inactivity or over-activity for you. When you practice yoga regularly, you will replicate lasting anti-stress remedies and lead to greater flexibility and strength. Backache can be agony, but yoga in association with other exercises and a healthy diet is the best remedy.

Yoga and Body Awareness: Receptors in your skin, joints, and muscles provide information concerning your joint positions along with associated muscle activities. Through yoga you learn about your own posture. This lets you know that bends and twists of your body stimulate your sensory cells of your organ of equilibrium in vertical or horizontal directions. Therefore, the all-inclusive movements of your body as well as the changing positions of your head while exercising yoga train you to be conscious of your spatial orientation. Increased body awareness positively gets rid of backache. In this manner, you learn to notice poor positioning when you are not doing yoga, and you can adjust your postures where necessary. Yoga helps you to intentionally relax your muscles helping you achieve relaxed posture for your everyday life.

The Abdominal Muscles: The common low backache accompanied by tiredness experienced during pregnancy is caused by your back muscles compensating for weak abdominal muscles. Therefore, strong and toned abdominal muscles will support your spine and lessen the arch in your lower back. Your awareness of correct posture helps to relieve aching in the lower back. To attain correct posture, you will need to tighten and draw up your abdominal muscles, lengthening your lower back. As your knowledge and experience of yoga increases, you will realize that your backache problem decreases. Your concentration will increase with less stress on your muscles. Your breathing will become more regular and even. You will find that your abdominal muscle postures will become more stimulating resulting in more enjoyment.

Yoga Poses for Backache

Stretching your hamstring muscles will help your thigh muscles to work more effectively. For instance, Virasana pose will ensure that your front thighs are stretched and your indigestion is relieved, since your hands are interlocked while your arms are stretched overhead. Cat stretch which requires you to place your palms on the floor in line with your shoulders, and your fingertips facing forward, head aligned with spine, and your knees directly under your hips. Hold the position, not allowing lower back to sag. Exhale and pull in your abdominal and buttocks muscles and around your upper back. Hold and then release lower back and loop up; repeat at least three times. Other significant yoga backache postures include: knee to chest pose, supine twist pose, child’s pose, seated forward bend pose, head to knee pose, cat/dog pose, legs up the wall pose, yoga sit-up, and double yoga crunch.

To alleviate backache you are expected to practice these exercises on daily basis. Yoga is helpful when you do it regularly. Make it your habit to engage the stated yoga poses, and in their correct form. However, for yoga to successfully work for you, you need to: always listen to your body’s wisdom; let your breath be the anchor of your yoga practice; use the inhale to lengthen, expand, and open your yoga practice; and move slowly into the poses without forcing a position. Use the knowledge you attain from yoga practice to keep your body balanced and healthy.


Dynamic Postures: These are yoga postures which are carried out slowly and with awareness. They involve coordination of your breath and movement. The most convenient dynamic postures that are effective in flattening your stomach including lying on the back poses, sitting poses, and standing poses. The most preferred poses consist of the following: lying down leg raise, spinal stretch, forward hero, warrior I, cobblers pose, lunge, reclined twist, classic relaxation, and downward dog, warrior II with raise and curl, and chair pose with row. These poses are very effective as far as flattening your stomach is concerned.

Cardio: Includes jogging, cycling and stair climbing which facilitate fat-burning; thus, helping you flatten your stomach. However, cardio differs from other exercises, since you first need to warm up your body before engaging a particular cardio workout. The warm up process is composed of two sections. The first section will require you to heat up your body by doing light cardio workout, such as brisk walking. The second section will require you to engage some stretches along with joint rotations to prepare the body for any energetic activity. Cardio involves muscle stretching and contraction. Muscle stretching will improve flexibility and the range of motion; while muscle contraction will improve muscle strength. The common cardio exercises that you can engage include: normal-pace walking, jogging, running and sprinting.

The Plank: This exercise needs you to lay face-down on a workout mat with your forearms on the floor while your elbows are directly below your shoulder. Then you will need to pull your navel towards your spine; once in this position, lift up your toes in order for you to be balanced on your forearms and toes. However, if this turns out to be quite challenging, you can always keep your knees on the floor. Ensure that your back is straight and pull your abs in tighter, if your belly is sagging. Hold on this position while increasing the time for your abs to get stronger. You should make certain not to relax your back or stomach. This workout will make all your abdominal muscles work together.

Progressive Crunch-less Crunch: This exercise needs you to start by sitting in a chair while placing one hand overhead and under your belly button so that you feel the contraction of your abdominals. To make sure that your midsection expands completely and effectively, you will have to take one deep breath. After a short while, let the breath out as you pull your belly inwards. Thereafter, you should briefly contract your abs for at least five times. It will be also convenient to try this workout while lying on your back. This exercise, works your abdominal effectively, and without causing strain to your neck and back. You can always try the exercise while sitting or lying on your back to determine which helps you sense the shrinkages of your abdominal muscles better.

Swiss Balls Workout: Kneel on the floor in front of your ball, and lean forward gently to rest your forearms on your ball and your hands together. Keep your abs tight and gently roll the ball forward until your arms are straight. Maintain the position for a while and then roll back to the starting position. Repeat the workout for a number of times. You can make this technique more effective by introducing push-ups. Assume your normal face-down push-up position while your knees are on top of the ball. Then bend your elbows and have your face lowered to the floor and straighten to get back up. Do this gently and maintain control. Repeat at least ten times to feel the workout on your abdominal muscles.

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Fresh Fruits and Vegetables: Summer is always accompanied by the need of tasty fresh fruits and vegetables, which can be had raw in a salad, juice or as boiled. The cooling sensation obtained from fresh fruits is helpful in controlling young hunger pangs; while hydrating your body and keeping you fresh and healthy. This is what is needed to gradually eliminate toxins from your body and help you lose weight. Replacing your fat, salty and dried foods with salads, juices and light foods will ensure that you gain appropriate fitness. To achieve the appropriate fitness and healthy body, make sure you consume: boiled or juiced carrots, naturally grown fruits, fresh watermelons, and replace hot soups with chilled soups made of cucumber.

Drink Plenty of Water: Water is an exceptionally important factor as far as controlling food cravings is concerned, since it helps in metabolizing fats. Water helps maintain proper muscle tone and giving back the natural ability to prevent dehydration. One needs water for metabolism as well as flushing toxins out of the body system. Drinking water is subject to each individual. Therefore, you should drink water when you feel thirsty. Ideally, there is no limit on how much water you can drink, but drink not less than eight glasses a day. Do not drink water immediately after a meal, wait for at least 45 minutes; however, you can gulp some water to wet your throat. Do not drink water while eating, in order to allow your stomach to mix saliva, chewed food and HCL to make it easy for the intestines to absorb nutrients.

What to Consider about Proteins: Take fast-absorbing proteins first thing in the morning and after workouts. Your body needs fast proteins immediately in order to prevent muscle breakdown. Remember, when you exercise, your muscles will naturally look for amino acids or proteins to rebuild them. Consume slow proteins before travelling or when you will be without proteins for a given time duration. Slow proteins foods, including milk are effective when you will be without nourishment for hours. This will ensure that protein breaks down slowly; thus slowing muscle loss. As far as natural food sources are concerned, fish, eggs, chicken, and meat provide fast protein; while dairy products, such as milk provide slow absorbing proteins.

Resistance Training-An Important Exercise Routine: The best way of toning your muscles should consist of resistance training. This should be a major part of your exercise routine to get your body in shape during summer. Some resistance training is necessary rather than concentrating on weight lifting. Ensure that you get free weights or a home gym in order to exercise your upper as well as lower body. Make sure to use resistance training on your abdominal muscles to make them look better and fit, than just depending on un-weighted sit-ups to help you build your stomach muscles. Resistance training also helps you feel better during the course of the day. Strong abs will improve your posture; thus reducing the amount of aches and pains on your back.

Stick to Good Carbs: These are whole foods that have not been processed or altered by artificial processes. These carbohydrates are normally high in fiber and will give your body energy over sustained time duration, and contribute to a sense of satisfaction. Good carbs are known to lower cholesterol levels and help your body get rid of toxins. They also have an element referred to as a low glycemic index. You should know that foods with a low glycemic index will not spike your blood sugar during summer. Good carbs are nutritious and they contain numerous vitamins and minerals. They include: milk, vegetables, fruits, whole grain breads, seeds, beans, nuts, legumes, and cottage cheese.


Sunburns will most definitely affect your skin; therefore, the best way to avoid them is to avoid much UVB exposure. However, if you have been exposed and you are facing the worst experiences of painful sunburns, you can simply relieve the pain and heal them altogether by following the techniques below.

Sunburn Soothing Bath: Soaking your body in a cool bath will help draw heat from your skin and soothe the pain along with the discomfort of sunburn. You can make your bath more effective by adding at least ten drops of essential oil, such as chamomile to the bath, and soak your body for fifteen minutes or until the moment you feel relief. You can also choose to supplement baking soda to your bath to relieve pain. You are urged to make sure that all the affected areas are properly submerged for the bath to be effective. After bath, lightly pat your skin dry with a soft cotton towel.

Lavender Sunburn Oil: Lavender sunburn oil not only makes a great sunburn remedy, but with its pain-killing and anti-inflammatory features, it also soothes the skin. To achieve this you only need to apply a maximum of three drops to the affected areas twice a day till the injuries are healed. When stirred into aloe Vera, lavender oil relieves sunburns. Mixing a drop of lavender oil with a drop of chamomile oil into some aloe Vera gel will produce a good sunburn remedy. Lavender oil can be effective since some natural constituents help slow nerve impulses; thus, reducing anxiety besides excitability, in addition to eliminating sunburns.

Apple Cider Vinegar for Sunburns: Slowly pat undiluted apple cider vinegar on the burnt areas on your skin to experience relief from sunburn. Leave the application on to help you prevent blistering and peeling of the skin. For all-over sunburns; however, you are advised to pour a single mug of apple cider vinegar in cool bath water, and soak your body in the bath to experience the healing sensation. After bathing, gently dry your body and then pat apple cider vinegar right to the affected parts and wait for at least five minutes. After five minutes are over, pat on aloe Vera gel on top of the apple cider vinegar.

Egg Pack for Sunburn: Egg pack is important for all skin types. The white is ideal for oily skin, yellows for dry, and the whole egg for a normal skin. Add two lemon drops if you have oily skin, and one or two drops of olive oil if you have dry skin. For painful hot sunburn, you are advised to isolate the white part from the yolk part of an egg and spread it over the affected area. This will help to cool the burning instantly. Note that the egg white can be used on hot sunburn regardless of the skin’s nature, but when the skin is normal and oily use the white and when it is normal and dry use the yellow.

Other Remedies: Mix two teaspoons of tomato juice with four tablespoons of buttermilk; spread on the sunburnt parts, and leave the application for half an hour and then wash off. Use olive oil or peanut oil for relief from sunburn. Use grated potatoes on the sunburnt areas. Grate and squeeze a cucumber spread the seeds and juice over the sunburnt areas. Boil lettuce leaves in a mug of steaming water to acquire a strong infusion, and apply on the sunburn. Yogurt with honey is helpful in cooling and promoting healing in sunburnt skins. Always remember that repeated sun exposure and sunburns accelerate the aging process, and may increase your risk of cataracts and skin cancer.